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We connect medical
innovations to the people
who need them most.

We connect medical
innovations to the people
who need them most.

Digital Health Works is a commercialization agency for digital health, MedTech, and medical device ventures.
Our team are experts with market access, regulatory, and product strategy.
We bring innovative medical technologies and devices to the US and European markets.

Countless research teams, ventures, and startups have developed ground-breaking medical products, only to falter when bringing them to market. This is an all-too-common fate for digital health, MedTech, and life science endeavors.

The real worth of a medical product lies in its ability to save or enhance the lives of those in need. But when such innovations remain out of reach, their potential impact is squandered.

That’s where Digital Health Works comes in.

Commercializing health technologies requires thoughtful steps and strategies to ensure long-term viability and success. Helping companies get there is what we do.

Our expertise lies in guiding companies through this complex process, with a focus on market access, regulatory compliance, and product development.

Our team of experts will guide you through the intricacies of market strategy, ensuring your product is positioned for success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

We’ll provide hands-on help, support, and guidance to your team throughout the various regulatory stages with the FDA and in Europe.

Our focus on product development and market fit ensures your innovation aligns with market needs, improving your potential for consistent revenue generation.

By tackling the challenges of commercialization, we actively participate in the process of introducing digital health and medical technology to the market, ultimately connecting medical innovations with the people who need them most.

Our mission is to bring
brilliant innovations to the
American and European markets.

We are a diverse team of specialists with a shared vision. 

We come from startups, corporations, large healthcare providers, and academia. Each member has first-hand experience and acutely understands the challenges of bringing medical innovations to market.

It’s our goal to make this process accessible for our clients. Together, we work to capture value from our clients’ innovations with honest, validated business models and strategies designed to build a viable business venture around their products.


Commercialization involves solid strategies and critical planning. We analyze and validate markets, finding logical points of entry. We build relevant partnerships to support a stable market presence in the US and Europe.


With expertise in the FDA, CE/European, and UK certification processes, we take products through their regulatory lifecycle, from initial classification, to submission through to post market and auditing.


A product must align with the specific needs of target and beneficiary users, focusing on positive clinical and economic outcomes, to effectively meet the often conflicting requirements amongst key stakeholders.

Baseline assessment screen within a concussion detection iPad app built for the Cleveland Clinic
Indego is an exoskeleton system designed for paraplegic patients so they can walk.

Our history is deeply rooted in building medical devices.

Software and AI Applications

For nearly twenty-five years, our team has designed and built medical software products. 

Hardware and Medical Devices

We’ve built hardware, IoMT and embedded systems for research and clinical applications.

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