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Getting your medical innovations to market is challenging on a good day, especially if you do not count on an experienced ally to help you in your journey to commercialize them.
In our workshops, our seasoned experts share their experiences on the commercialization process for innovative medical technologies in the US and European markets.

Whether you are an innovator, a professional, or simply curious about market access for medical innovations, this webinar series is for you. Here, you find valuable takeaways you can apply professionally.

Commercializing digital health and med-tech requires a series of steps and strategies to ensure successful entry and long-term business sustainability. We’ll pilot your team through the regulatory, market-entry, and establishment of partnerships and sales plans needed to generate revenue.

By tackling the challenges of commercialization, we actively participate in the process of introducing digital health and medical technology to the market, ultimately connecting medical innovations with the people who need them most. Get more insights in our webinars and workshops, and reach them out.

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What's right for you, IVDR or MDR?

In this workshop, Pascal Werner delivers the keys to answer the main question: As a medical innovator, what’s right for you, IVDR or MDR? Answering these main questions is the key to discovering what is the best choice for you, which simplifies your way to approvals. Discover all what Pascal have to say about IVDR and MDR devices to grasp the answer you are looking for.

Navigating 2024 Headwinds for Healthcare Innovators

In this workshop, we explored ways to navigate the headwinds of 2024, including how to create and demonstrate real value for your product, and how to access an increasingly consolidated market.

Regulatory Product Development

In the second workshop, Nidhi and Pascal explain in detail the step-by-step approach of RPD to build a successful digital health product. You will recognize the difference how Regulatory Product Development (RPD) is different from Product Development to smoothly completing FDA submissions and CE marking.

The Importance of Partnerships

In this workshop, Daniel and Romy discussed the essential role of partnerships in the growth and success of digital health and med tech startups. Together, they explored how to identify and cultivate the right partnerships, navigate regulatory landscapes, and leverage these relationships for market expansion and visibility.

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