Discussing Commercialization Daniel Young 27 February 2023

Discussing Commercialization

Daniel Young
Daniel Young, founder Digital Health Works

Discussing paths to commercialization… 📈 💸 🎉

On Wednesday, 01 March 2023, I’ll be in Oslo 🇳🇴 to speak at SPARK Norway’s monthly educational forum. 🙂

The presentation is an overview on the path to commercialize life science and med-tech innovations. I’ll be discussing these topics:

✅ Assembling the right team
✅ Protecting Intellectual Property
✅ Understanding end customer’s real needs
✅ Optimizing product feature set/value proposition
✅ Securing strategic partners
✅ Product de-risking and pilot testing

SPARK Norway Educational Forum are monthly open meetings organized by UiO:Life Science and SPARK Norway partners.

The presentation is at 17:00 on Wednesday, 01 March.

I’m really looking forward to the trip and a chance to share some of my experiences and observations in helping ventures go to market. 👍