Little is done about Sustainability in Health Care

Little is done about sustainability in health care. 😕 🌍

The health industry—a mega-sector made up of hundreds of billion-dollar markets—creates nearly 5% of global carbon emissions.

Less than 4% of healthcare institutions are actively trying to include environmentally-conscious practices into their operations. 🔥 🔥 😳

Health care is notoriously slow to change. Regulations make it tedious. The economics make it expensive. But when it needs to adapt to a crisis, it can.

We know that we’re in a global climate and energy crisis; serving as a catalyst for change across all industries, save for this one.

Knowledgeable colleagues and other professionals—especially those working on environmental and sustainability issues—agree that the lack of effort the health industry puts into sustainability is outright negligent.

We, as a global society, need to expect more from our HCOs, care organizations, suppliers, and vendors.

New health ventures can lead, demonstrating how they can deliver next-generation care while minimizing their environmental impact. These startups have to drive the change.

Our health depends on a healthy environment. 🤸♀️🚴♂️ 🌍 🌱 🌲 🌾

This whole health care industry must take to heart, now.

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