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Our Story Daniel Young 1 Januar 2023
Digital Health Works is a spin-off of Bold Works, an agency founded in 2013 by Daniel Young in Berlin.
The agency supports digital health and med-tech ventures to enter the market, finding paths to sustainable revenue.
We use the market to connect health innovations with the patients and care providers who need them most.

The journey of Digital Health Works began in 2006 when Daniel Young founded an agency specializing in mobile and digital product design. Situated in Cleveland, the clients mirrored the local economy, which revolved around healthcare and manufacturing/heavy industries.

The agency’s vision was to harness mobile technologies—such as mobile apps and hardware/IoT—to create innovative products for medical and industrial purposes.

In 2006, before the advent of the iPhone or Android devices, early products were designed for Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. Although limited compared to today’s technology, they offered a unique opportunity to design and develop powerful digital solutions that delivered genuine value to clients.

As modern smartphones emerged, the digital health landscape transformed rapidly.

While the US quickly adopted digital health solutions, Europe (particularly Germany) lagged behind. Sensing an opportunity, Daniel Young established a new agency in Berlin, focused on designing the next generation of digital health apps for both the US and Germany.

Summer office party at Bold Works GmbH

In 2013, Bold Works GmbH was founded as a design studio, assisting European clients in developing clinical and non-clinical digital health and med-tech applications.

The Berlin-based team comprised multidisciplinary medical and design experts, adept at creating new technologies within the healthcare sector.

Gradually, Bold Works’ mission evolved from designing new products to developing digital health ventures responsible for bringing these products to market. This transformation began in 2017 and culminated in the launch of Digital Health Works.

Our experience in developing clinical and non-clinical medical products has given us a unique understanding of the efforts required to create a product and the formidable challenges of introducing it to the market.

The agency’s goal is to bring digital health and med-tech innovations to market, connecting them with the people who need them the most.

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