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We connect medical innovations to the people who need them most.

We are a commercialization agency for digital health and med-tech ventures.
We bring innovative medical technologies to the US and European markets.

Countless research teams, ventures, and startups have developed groundbreaking medical products, only to falter when bringing them to market. This is an all-too-common fate for digital health and life science endeavors.

The real worth of a digital health product lies in its ability to enhance the lives of those in need. But when such innovations remain out of reach, their potential impact squandered.

That’s where we come in.

Commercializing digital health and med-tech requires a series of steps and strategies to ensure successful entry and long-term business sustainability.We’ll pilot your team through the regulatory, market entry, and establishment of partnerships and sales plans needed to generate revenue.

By tackling the challenges of commercialization, we actively participate in the process of introducing digital health and medical technology to the market, ultimately connecting medical innovations with the people who need them most.

Our mission is to bring brilliant innovations to the US and European markets.

We work with research teams, startups, corporates, technology transfer offices (TTOs), and healthcare organizations (HCOs) to capture the value of their innovations with honest, validated business models that generate sustainable results.

We seek realistic, obtainable strategies for commercialization, so your team understands the market and what investment is justified to get there.


We support product validation, regulatory preparedness, and the business planing and strategy, we ensure that your team has everything's organized, aligned and ready to enter the market.


Securing customers and moving product, this is what generates real revenues. We develop and deploy sales and marketing strategies targeted at partners, payers, insurances, and providers.

We cultivate markets for digital health innovations.

Life saving technologies and innovations need to find their place in the market, to reach patients and care professionals.

Our strength is finding pathways to the market for our clients, to generate sustainable sales and revenues, delivering innovations to those who need them most.

Baseline assessment screen within a concussion detection iPad app built for the Cleveland Clinic
Indego is an exoskeleton system designed for paraplegic patients so they can walk.

Our history is rooted in building product.

Software and AI Applications

For nearly two decades, our team has built software—mobile, web, backend, AI/ML. 

Hardware and Medical Devices

We’ve built hardware, IoMT and embedded systems for research and clinical applications.

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